Age Regression

If somebody sent you this, that means that they want you to know that they want you to know that they are part of the age regression/age dreaming community. I'd recommend reading through the information on this site before asking any questions you may have. This is probably something that is a more private part of their life, so they are probably telling you about it under the assumption that you won't tell anyone else. Please do not betray their confidence. Click on the purple buttons below to read the respective information.

What is Regression?

Most of the information here has been taken from various people on the internet. I am aware that people on the internet are generally not a reliable source, but when trying to research regression Google has not been my friend. I believe the sources I got this information from to be generally reliable, and will link their pages at the bottom.

Age regression is a state of mind where one reverts to "an earlier stage of life or a supposed previous life, especially through hypnosis or mental illness, or as a means of escaping present anxieties" ( Age regression (often shortened to agere) can occur for several reasons. Some of those reasons might be:

✿ As a defense mechanism. People can regress unconsciously as a way to escape stressors. These people will display regressive behaviour and may feel childish, but they'll still be aware of their current age and surroundings.
✿ As a symptom. In some disorders regression can be an extreme retreat (like the defense mechanism), while in others it can be an emotional flashback. This type of regression is also involuntary and triggered by external things. People who experience this type of regression may or may not be aware of their current age and surroundings. This type of regression can be scary and unsafe when triggered negatively. Even if triggered positively, it's a vulnerable state because cognitive function may be impaired and behaviours can be affected.
✿ As a result of hypnosis. Age Regression Hypnotherapy is a controversial practice. The therapist will use hypnotic techniques on their patient to access traumatic memories in order to process them. Some may only recall the memories, but some may regress and relive them. Some find this beneficial, but this can also lead to retraumatization or people recalling false memories. This type of regression can only be done with a licensed hypnotherapist.
✿ Inner child therapy. This is a therapeutic process geared toward healing your inner child and working through trauma, or just embracing your inner child. The patient is aware of current age and surroundings.
✿ As a coping mechanism. Someone may purposefully display regressive behaviours and find comfort or relaxation in them. This type of regression is used as a temporary break before taking on stressors again. As this is controlled by the individual, they are typically aware of their current age and surroundings. Some may be positively triggered by this and can enter a regressed state that is no longer controlled by the individual, and they may no longer be aware of their current age or surroundings. Either way, it's typically managed and practiced in a safe/controlled environment and only around others they trust to keep them safe.

Now that we've covered what age regression is, lets talk about who can regress, and what a regressor might do! For this conversation we'll be primarily discussing regression used as a coping mechanism.

Who can regress?
Anyone can regress! Regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion. However, you'll probably only find people aged 13+ in the online community because many sites have age restrictions, as the internet generally isn't a safe place for kids.

What happens when someone regresses?
This is unique from person to person! Everyone's regression is different, but there are typically some common themes. Generally, when people regress they will act significantly more childlike than usual, and will partake in activities that young children might enjoy. Things like video games, playing with dolls or stuffed animals, building blocks, children's books, cartoons, colouring, Legos, and other things that are generally considered "for children". The younger a person regresses, the more juvenile their interests will become. So, someone who regresses to a baby or toddler would probably have a greater interest in things like pacifiers, teethers, and building blocks than someone who regresses to an older child or teen. Mannerisms can also change, so a regressor may talk like a child would (shorter sentences, mixing up words, high-pitched voice, possibly non-verbal, etc), become clumsier than usual, become fidgety, energetic, or restless, habitually suck their thumb or bite their nails or chew on various non-food items. These changes may or may not be voluntary and may happen subconsciously as a person regresses. Basically, a regressed person will act the way a child of their regressed age would act.

While this certainly isn't all-encompassing, it should provide enough information for you to have a better understanding of what regression is. All of the information above has been taken from babyboyollie and whyis.gracie (deactivated) over on instagram. If you want to check out the pages I got this information from (which I would recommend), click the labelled instagram icon!

babyboyollie is an informational agere account. Their account is mostly information for people that are already in the cglre community, so it account can be really helpful to regressors and caregivers.

What is Age Dreaming?

Age dreaming a term coined on Tumblr that caters to people who don't conventionally regress, or people that may not feel comfortable labeling themselves as a regressor. The creator of the term defined it as "an umbrella term for those who's headspace does not fit beneath the age regression umbrella. It is a diverse, individualistic experience, which is different for each person. The headspace is usually controlled by the individual and voluntary. It may encompass those who go into a child-like headspace for fun, those who act/behave like a child nonsexually, those whose headspace is both 'child' and 'adult' (aka not fully 'regressed'), those who consider themselves to be a child and partake in a lifestyle of reliving childhood, and those who just enjoy the aesthetics and comfort of childish things. In all cases, age dreaming is a nonsexual act, not related to kink or nsfw activities."

Now, you may see some overlap between that definition and what age regression has come to be known as. The reason for that is, age regression as a community has expanded to include things that aren't technically regression, but instead just look or feel similar to it. Age dreamers are still welcome in most agere spaces because we're all just looking for a safe space.

Who can age dream?
✿ "Ageplayers" who don't feel comfy using that term because it's been highly sexualized and used as a kink term. "Ageplayers" who are completely nonsexual and nonkink related can use age dreaming instead. However ageplay and age dreaming cannot be crosstagged due to the amount of kinksters using the term ageplay.
✿ Age regressors who don't necessarily "regress" because they are always living in the headspace of a child and living their lives as a child again and do not have an adult headspace.
✿ Those who regress for fun.
✿ Those who enjoy the aesthetic and act of being small but may not actually regress.
✿ Anyone who feels as though they have a mindset or headspace similar to regression but not exactly regression, or their regression fits outside of the definition of what regression is.
✿ Anyone who feels age dreaming fits them because their headspace differs from the normally accepted regression headspace.

There are some regressors that age dream as well. This is because age dreaming can positively trigger someone into regressing. I know that there can be a negative stigma around regression and age dreaming, but there is nothing wrong, gross, or inherently sexual with enjoying more childish activities. Remember! You don't outgrow happiness. It grows with you!

The information above comes from whyis.gracie (deactivated) and the original post on tumblr! The original post is linked below.

This is the original post! It has some more information on what age dreaming is.


I do not claim to be a professional, nor do I claim to have done all the research myself. This was simply a compilation of information from several different sources. The accounts I used information from should be linked at the bottom of their respective page. I hope this helped you understand the person that sent you this a bit better!